Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Wedding Day (finally)!

As I write this, Barry and I are enjoying the nearly absolute quite of our little home, tired, but completely pleased with how Steph and Thomas's wedding turned out. I was able to elbow my way in front of the photographer to get a few photos before the wedding.

This was early in the day before the flowers had arrived. Steph loved the glittered letters above the dance floor. The glitter gave her a little bit of a "gypsy wedding" touch!

Steph, Leah, Ashley, and Holly waiting . . . Leah on the I-pad and the girls on their phones!

Leah got bored with the girls and decided to sit with GGPH and read the I-pad while he read his book.

Finally, it was her turn to get ready.


I was lucky to get this shot of Stephanie. She is so beautiful!

Here the girls were learning how to hold the flowers just right.
Later, the guys got their turn with the photographer. What a fun bunch of guys. Dakota, Tim, Tom, Thomas and Sean.
These two love their Opa!

And he loves them.
I have one of these "after" shots from every wedding.  Steph and Thomas were getting ready to leave, Kelly Marie was already in her jammies, Kelly Brooke was eating, while Ashley, Leah and Holly decided they would stay in their dresses just a bit longer.
Despite dancing to every song the DJ played, Steph still looked good!  He said they were the best couple he had ever played for because they really enjoyed the evening together.
Thomas was ready to go. Tim was driving.
This morning, while we were cleaning up and waiting for Steph and Thomas to arrive, I snapped a few pics of the flowers. Steph wanted beautiful flowers and she got what she asked for.
Our florist did an amazing job with all of the funky containers I gave her.

You can see how tiny this bottle is next to Sarah's shoes and her blinged out binky, but the florist didn't let that stop her from making an amazing arrangment.
Steph and Thomas did really well in the gift department!

Steph liked her musical figurine. Not sure how Thomas felt about it!

He did, however, LOVE the cookware set and he wasn't afraid to show it!
And Steph finally got her mixer . . . the color is "Raspberry Ice" . . . she's one happy bride!

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