Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

We took a short break from all the wedding prep to enjoy Easter with Sarah and Leah. Ashley and Leah made their first bunny cake and are now the official bunny cake-makers for the rest of time!  Sarah is old enough to enjoy coloring and finding eggs, as long as Leah is there to help her.

This month we have a wedding, a 30th birthday (Tom), a 2nd birthday (Sarah), and a new baby boy sometime around the 27th.

Never a dull moment around here!

Sarah loves donuts!
Auntie Steph had matching sippy cups for the girls.
The Easter bunny, at Leah's house, left matching daisy chain headbands for Leah and Sarah.
And very cool troll dolls!
Here's her first bunny cake.
Leah (and the dogs) helped Sarah find her basket.
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Sarah loves her books.
Then the egg hunt started.

Leah found something in the tree.


Then she found a pony for Sarah!
You can see the beginnings of the dance floor.
Ashley brought eggs for coloring and the girls took it all very seriously.



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