Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I haven't posted in almost 7 months.  Three days after the picture above was taken (at Steph and Thomas' wedding), Barry's parents died, and since then I haven't really been able to come back to this blog. I used to blog for Doris mainly. My dad also enjoys the pictures, but she called after every posting to talk about the blog. After my last post, I got an e-mail from her on Monday morning. A few quick comments about the picture of Steph in her dress and how much Barry loved his girls. That was the last time I would ever hear from her.


Today is their 58th wedding anniversary. They are celebrating together in heaven.

Probably dancing, as my sister-in-law pointed out.

Since their deaths we've had a whole lot of joy happen in our lives. Which is all Doris really wanted for her kids.

Miss you two so much.  Happy Anniversary.

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  1. Yes, tears all around. What a tragic time for all. Great pictures, though. Thanks for sharing!