Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thirty Rocks--Part 2

As promised, the birthday candles.

Leah decided one birthday candle idea wasn't enough. She thought the "30" sparklers would be different and fun, but a spinning-singing-flamethrowing candle would be even better. We were not disappointed!

The sparklers were fun, but impossible to blow out.  It was now time for the spinning-singing-flamethrowing surprise! See the little blue thing?

This went on for some time...Scott started hunting for the fire extinguisher and Leah started to re-think next year's birthday candle choices.

 I guess now that the space shuttle program is kaput the fuel suppliers have gone into the birthday candle business!

Fortunately, there came a point when Ashley could blow it out. Unfortunately, the birthday song it was playing kept going....and going....and...well even Leah had had enough of this candle.  She chucked it out the front door! 

Then we went out to play.


When the evening ended, we walked out front and that candle was STILL going!

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