Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1, 2012

I got to spend October 1st with both of our little sweeties!

First things first. Breakfast.

The next thing that had to be done was this:

Leah realized that Sarah can't read a Keep Out sign, so she barricaded "her" room.  Surprisingly, Sarah was OK with this! Not once did she try to get in there!!

The next thing we had to do was bake. If it's October, we bake (even if it's still 110 degrees outside).
Leah is already quite skilled at baking so I let her have at it.



Sorry Sarah, no baking for you.
 Then, while Sarah napped, we decorated for Halloween!
When the muffins were done, we had a few.  Can you tell what kind we made???
Once Sarah woke up, it was time to play outside.


Leah was spitting seeds at my new flowers and of course Sarah didn't like it.
One thing they both agreed on was that playing with a bowl of water is more fun than no water at all.
Leah's last remnants of summer: chippy nail polish and the ankle bracelet we got her in Hawaii.
We sure had a busy day!

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