Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thirty Rocks--Part 1

What a cutie she was

and still is!

We had us a PARTY.  Ashley's first gift was a good look at Sarah's tonsils...

What? You don't like looking at my tonsils?

Well my mommy doesn't mind.

Thanks be to Leah who needs to aspire to be a party planner instead of a Vet.  She created fun, and (her new word) ambiance.

Even Sarah was impressed.

Scott BBQd steak and shrimp. Oh man, was it ever good! (Ignore is straggly beard)

This time next year there will be at least one more in this picture.

And I'm not talking about him, either!

In the next post -- Part 2 -- you will see our party planner's unique choice of birthday candles!


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