Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Yesterday was the big day!  Little Leah successfully made it through Kindergarten (after a rocky start) and graduated with pride.  Her ceremony started at 9:30.  Afterwards, we all met back at her classroom and said goodbye to her teacher, Mrs. Youssef.  Then, it was home to open a few gifts, play, rest, swim, and celebrate the day at the Olive Garden.
This is Leah flying past us to get to the stage.

. . . about to accept her diploma

. . . being resourceful

 . . . and the worst is over!

Back in the classroom with two friends.

Mrs. Youssef: a very patient and loving woman.

With Mom and Scott.

She loves her Opa!


She can hardly contain her excitement over getting another book.

"Not another one!!! AAARRRGGG!"
"Flowers. That's better!"

"Now we're talking!! Just what I wanted!"

We also had an early birthday party for Scott. He and Leah have a shared love of nose-picking cards.

Trying out the bigger bike.

She hates when Opa has to leave. : (
Dinner at Le's favorite place, The Olive Garden.
Lots of black olives, croutons, and meatballs!

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