Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

Last week started with Sarah talking about how excited she was to go to Hawaii (not really, but she looks excited about something).

After dropping Sarah, Kelly, Tom, Steph, and the other Tom off at the airport, Ashley, Leah, and I went to the peach festival and partied in the hot, dry, wind.

While partying at the peach festival, we decided it wasn't enough that we were enjoying the hot, dry, wind. So we decided to get out there and get dirty!  Yep. We were the only yahoos there who thought it was normal to pick peaches while wearing flip-flops. Did we let our dirt-caked feet get us down?? No way.  We soldiered on.
Later in the week, there was a lot of swimming and pie eating happening.

This is the infamous graham cracker pie that nearly wiped out an entire family (well, not this particular pie, but one just like it)!

And finally, the vacationers returned!  We all missed them.  Very much. 

In the photo below, Kelly is telling Tom that if the airline lost Sarah's stroller she's going to kill someone. 

And then came Steph and the other Tom. UNWED!!  THANK GOD!!

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