Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party at Ben & Deb's!

Had a super relaxing day today at Ben and Deb's (Steph's uncle/aunt/future in-laws) new home way the heck out in Sun City.  The unexpected treat was a little Yorkshire Terrier that Tom's brother Tim brought along.  What a cutie!!  Anyway, we had a delicious BBQ and a yummy Red Velvet cake and lots of fun. Here's a look at the new house, the terrific back yard, and Peanut the puppy.

The kids loved this little dog!

 Ashley, Kelly, Steph, Thomas, and Tim

 . . . and Leah!

 The family room with the cool, vintage fireplace,

the  kitchen,

the living room,

The dining room from the living room looking into the family room (if that even makes sense)  :)  The kitchen is on the right.

The family room windows looking out to the back yard (and baby Sarah walking!!!)

Leah's new German Shepherd hat.

Time to swim!

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