Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holiday Hoopla!

Sorry about the delay, folks. The problem was with Internet Explorer and not me, for once!

I have been waiting for the Christmas morning photos from Ashley that would complete this post perfectly, but alas they are trapped in her new I-Pad. So, I give you the final photos from 2012 from my camera. They include photos from the cookie decorating party and photos of Leah and Sarah for the Christmas card.
Kelly's good friend Marsha brought her two kids, the Garland kids were there, and Leah's two best buddies from school.
I got these costumes at Target after Halloween when they were 75% off!
Kelly got new decorations for her mantle this year. They are little Christmas birds with hats and scarves.
Of course, Leah and Maci can't get together without a ride on a Skitter!
Another Target costume.
Here we go trying to get pictures of these two for Christmas!
She was done!!
Love Leah's two-toned nail polish.
As soon as we were done they bolted for Opa's sand pile.
So much for those pretty dresses!
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