Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Lights 2012

This year's Christmas lights pictures look very similar to last year's pictures except for these few differences:

Last year, Tom was the only Stafford boy in the picture.

This year there's a new Stafford boy in the picture!

Last year Sarah had a polar bear fur coat. This year she wore her leopard fur coat. See above.

Last year Steph was all by herself.  This year she brought a guy with her! And not just any guy . . . this guy wants to marry her . . . and (more importantly) he likes her nieces . . .

(Yes, Leah picks out her own clothes.)

Last year Ashley wore her hair down.  And Leah's coat just swallowed her up.

This year her hair was up.

And it looks like Leah will be passing this coat down to Sarah very soon!
(Yes, she was eating yellow cherry tomatoes.)
I'll be posting this picture next year. We'll be comparing the number of grandchildren, I'm sure!!


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