Monday, July 23, 2012

Party In Tucson

Spent Saturday in Tucson for Mom-Mom's 76th birthday. What a great time! Good food topped off by Steph's Shoofly Pie. Mmmmm. The girls cracked up at Kolby Thornhill (Crystal and Derek's boy) who was such a comedian, but who was out-done by his dad when he gave Mom-Mom a coupon for a free tatoo at his tatoo shop!! Good one Derek!

Barry and his wonderful mom!

Pop-Pop, Ben and Deb, Sky, Kolby, and Crystal Thornhill

Chris and Holly
 He's already part of the family!

Mom-Mom teaching Steph how to make fudge.
Holly, Beth, and Derek the tattoo man.

Kelly and her baby Sarah playing with Lucy

Leah going for it!

Thomas going for it . . .

Baby Sarah


Kolby . . . the comedian!

Baby Sarah and her Mom-Mom

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