Thursday, July 26, 2012

End Of Summer

On Sunday night Leah was talking to Scott on the phone and Ashley heard her say that she didn't realize summer vacation would be so short. : ( 

The next morning she picked out her clothes and was ready to get started with first grade!  When she got to school, Ashley took her to the big-kid playground, and Leah took one look at ALL the kids and quickly changed her mind. After some coaxing by her new teacher, Leah finally relented and headed inside.  Ashley went back to the car and had a mini mommy-breakdown!

By the end of the day, when Opa and I got to pick her up, Leah was back in the swing of things.  Here are a few pictures of the first day of first grade and a few pictures of Leah's summer that went by too fast!
Taken by Mommy before school

After school with Sarah

Swim, swim, swim....

Getting a pedi...

At the circus.

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