Sunday, August 14, 2011

Princess or Tomboy??

Last week, our wonderful Leah went to the museum with us with her beautiful long hair and wearing an even more beautiful little pink dress.  The very next day, she informed her mom that she wanted to cut her hair!  And so she cut her hair.

This weekend, Leah informed her mom that she wanted her ears pierced!  And so, off to the mall we all went for this momentous occasion.  While her mom and aunties told her it would not hurt, I warned her that it most definitely would.  When it was over, she looked tearfully up at me and said, "You were right, Oma!"

In any other situation I would have loved to be right, but not this one.  I told her that a new toy would make her ears feel so much better, and she smiled.  Her girly-girl mom and aunties led the way to the Disney Store and, although Leah was tempted, she (with her brand new 14 kt. sparkly emerald earings) ended up in some game store buying a Boeing 747 replica and a plastic dragon with 9-inch talons!

Throughout the day, Baby Sarah cooed, slept, ate, watched, a filed the whole day away for future reference.

Did I mention that earlier this morning she tried to wrestle her 80 pound German Shepherd, Mac.  She lost. Tomorrow she will have a black eye!

Baby Sarah  sleeping with Mommy's thumb in her mouth.  Sarah, your mommy used to suck on that very same thumb!

Ashley and Leah getting psyched for the piercing.  I'm pretty sure Ashley was more nervous.

"Look! My red eye matches my red ears!"

"Toys do make everything better!"

"I totally agree."

What an icky looking chair!  Wait till you see the transformation!!

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