Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Cuts, No Buts, No Coconuts!

The other day I was lucky enough to pick Leah up from school.  I saw her before she saw me, and let me tell you I saw plenty.

Leah has always preferred being first in line. Any line.  I remember seeing her trying to run to the front of the line in preschool only to be sent back to her spot by the persnickety teacher who I felt was picking on my precious grandaughter.  When she and Opa skitter around the house, she naturally races to be in front.  Naturally!

When Kindergarten began, Leah informed us that her place in line (because they are lined up in alpha order--a concept that she doesn't totally get yet) was 7th!!!  Horrible for her, I'm sure, but something I was pretty sure she would overcome. 

So when I picked her up the other day, I was not entirely surprised to see her elbow her way to a spot nearer the head of the line.  Of course she waited until the teacher wasn't looking.  Of course the boy she shoved (using her elbow mind you because her mommy already had to have the keep-your-hands-to-yourself conversation with her) yelled and threw a pretty big fit.  Of course she ignored him.  She is nothing if not strong-willed.

When she saw me she jumped for joy and jumped out of line. I motioned for her to get back in line, so she used that as an opportunity to jump to the FRONT of the line.  Before the other kids had time to suck in enough air to yell for her, the teacher was at Leah's side telling her she was excused to leave with me. 

Once we were out of earshot of the little boy who looked like he would give up all future recesses if could only punch Leah, we had this conversation:

"You shouldn't cut in front of the other kids in line."
"I didn't cut."
"Yes. You cut."
"No. It's only a cut when you mean it. I didn't mean it."
"You used your elbow to shove your way past that kid."
"I didn't use my hands."
"You used your elbow."
"I didn't mean it."
"It makes the other kids mad when you cut."
"When mommy picks me up she parks a lot closer."

End of conversation.

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