Sunday, December 9, 2012


Jeez, it's been crazy busy!!!!  This week I will be playing catch up with the blog. I have Thanksgiving, Disneyland, Leah's first soccer game, and Christmas lights pictures to post.

Today it's Thanksgiving, which was hosted this year by Ben and Deb at their new home in Sun City.
Fred came down from Oregon, the Helms came from Las Vegas (son Kyle came all the way from Idaho State University), Holly came from Yuma, Beth, Mark, the Thornhills, and Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop came from Tucson.  Super fun and great food!!

These pictures are not great. I was using an I-phone, but I think I was moving slightly as I took most of the pics, so they are not that clear.

Here's all of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren who were there (I think).


Here's Barry and his dad.

Here's Uncle Fred!

Steph wanted a picture of her first attempt at making whipped cream. And she wanted another picture taken of her ring!
This is what happens when you turn on the mixer and then forget that you turned on the mixer.
Butter!  Oh well, no whipped cream this year!!
Love this picture of Kelly, Sarah, Kolby, and Sky!




Baby Sarah.

Next post: Disneyland!

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