Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little Miss Seven

Little Leah is growing up.  For her birthday she wanted REAL nail polish, earings, a bean bag, purple fringe boots, and a party with all of her friends . . . AND HER MOM DELIVERED!!

(oh she had some help from Scott, Oma and Opa, the sick Aunties, and Thomas, but we are giving her most of the credit)

Here are the highlights from her birthday bash.

First, Oma wanted to braid her hair. Leah wanted a waterfall braid. Oma said, "Huh?" Leah said, "Nevermind!"

Then we managed to get a picture of the cousins before Sarah went for the bouncy house.

She got to spend some time in there before the big kids got started.

Even her poor sick mommy couldn't help but enjoy the fun Sarah was having.

Everything was ready for the party!

All kids this age really need is bouncy house, but this group also played twister and were challenged to a scavenger hunt like they had never seen before.  The clues were riddles that the kids had to solve in order to get to the next clue.  Some clues were invisible, some had to be read in a mirror.  In the end all of the clues made a map that led to a treasure chest. 

Then it was time for food . . .

and cake.

Then Auntie Steph had to mention how she'd seen a slow-motion video of someone blowing out birthday candles and how much junk flies out of the mouth and onto the cake! Ewwww.
Cake anyone? No thanks.

Finally, it was time for presents.

See the purple boots!

Leah's best buddy, Sandro, could not stay for the party. But he sure knew what gift she would love. A horse of course!
Oma and Opa think you're never too old for a stuffed pony!

Then all heck broke loose (as tends to happen when there are boys around)!

Opa loved it. Sarah was far from impressed.  He sure would have a blast with some grandsons!

Now if you think these youngins were exhausted and ready to go home after all of this. . .
YOU'RE WRONG!  They decided to take on the bouncy house one more time and this time they were going to try and take it down!!!

Ashley was surprised when four boys RSVP'd to Leah's party. Now you can see why they did. She's a ton of fun!!
In the end, all Opa could do was calculate how many feet of duct tape it was going to take to patch it up so that it would be ready for the next party!!
A good time was had by one and all!

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  1. Thank you SO much for the pictures! At least I get to enjoy the party vicariously. I miss Leah so much and am just a teeny bit jealous that I'm missing out on all the fun! I can see that Ashley out did herself on this one. It looks like an amazing party that she will never forget. Much love to all of you, Grandma Kristie