Saturday, October 27, 2012

No! Say It Isn't So!

Goodbye Thomas . . .

Leah:  What are you doing, Oma?

Me:  Getting ready for a garage sale.

Leah:  I wish you'd get rid of all that Thomas stuff.

Me:  ( Wa?)  You don't want your Thomas the Train toys anymore??

Leah:  (using all of the  I-am-6-going-on-16 sarcasm she could squeeze out of one syllable) NOoooo!

Me:  I think I'll keep it.  Maybe Auntie Kelly will have a boy.

Leah:  I hope she has a girl.

Me:  Well, you're a girl and that's all you wanted to play when you were little.

Leah:  Well I'm not little.

Me: (Wa?) 


I'm keeping them.  They will always remind me of Leah.
In other news . . .
Someone celebrated his 77th birthday!
Someone discovered Oma's new chair . . .
And someone decided she wasn't little anymore.

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