Sunday, September 2, 2012

Don't Tell Leah!

This started out as Leah's room. After all, she was the only grandchild for five years!

But then this one came along . . .


So Leah did the only logical thing to do. She set up boundries.
I mean, who wouldn't?  This kid looks pushy!!
Leah's private cubbie! Keep out! that means you sarah!!!
Leah packed this cupboard full of her favorite things with strict warnings that Sarah was not to get into it!
Leah also had her private office curtains clipped shut  in order to keep Sarah out.
Unfortunately, they don't make binder clips strong enough to keep out a curious cousin like Sarah.
She ripped that clip off and made herself at home!

I tried to get her out of the office. Even Penny tried to distract her with a tennis ball!
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Nope. Sarah was busy playing in her new favorite place.
Just don't tell Leah!
There is one bright side for Leah in all this . . . her sweetie cousin is a Leftie just like her!!!
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