Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Party!

Sarah's first birthday party was this past Saturday. She was overwhelmed, and at the same time underwhelmed!  She wasn't too sure about all the people in her backyard or the balloons.  She really only liked one of her presents and was not about to stick her face in the birthday cake. 

However, everyone else at the party had a great time, with a few ending up in the pool at the end of the party!

"Mama, what is going on here?"

"This is my dad doing what he loves to do: BBQ!"

"This is my Auntie Kelly Marie."

"Syd and Maci Garland and my cousin Leah got to play with the silly string."

"That's my Opa back there with the blow-up castle he got on Craigslist. I can't wait till I'm old enough to play in it."

"This is everyone who came to my party.  Oma was trying to take the pictures when Penny tried to get on the table and get the food!"

From left to right:  Opa, Uncle Ben and Aunt Deb, our neighbors The Joedikers, Auntie Kelly Marie, Auntie Steph and Thomas, Dad, Mom, GGPH, Granddad Don, Auntie Ashley and Uncle Scott, Grandma Liz, Maci, Leah, and Sydney.

"This is my Opa and my Great Uncle Ben playing with the kids."

"This is my Granddad Stafford."

"I love this baby doll!"

"I like the outfit, but why did Mommy put my baby way over there?"
"I would rather sit here by my baby."

"Can somebody please get this baby out of the box?"

"Thanks Auntie Steph!"

"Mommy, I love her."

"I'm done! Thanks everyone!!"

Sorry about the delay in getting these posted.  I had to go through over 100 pictures!

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