Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pretty Good Friday

There's a lot more going on in the picture above than meets the eye.  It looks like Opa is relaxing with his two granddaughters. . . and he is. However, take a look at Sarah.  She's just now learning how to really climb on, up, and over everything and Opa has become her Mt. Everest.  Now look at Leah and where she has plopped herself down. You can bet that she didn't just randomly decide to sit on Opa in that exact spot. Oh no!  For Leah, this is not Everest . . . this is her THRONE . . . and there's only room for one princess on this throne! 

This is the nature of Leah and Sarah's relationship right now.  Sarah thinks she has just as much right to the grandparents as Leah, but Leah disagrees.  She was here first, so she comes first, and Sarah doesn't.  And that's that.  Leah was much happier before Sarah started acting like a real person.

Oh well.  All first borns have to adjust and, no doubt, Leah will too.

Anyway . . . here are the rest of the pics from our "pretty good" Friday.

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