Monday, February 27, 2012

Shoes? No Thank You!

 Any proper girl's-night-out includes shoe shopping.  This time it was Sarah's turn!  Much to Leah's embarrassment, Sarah decided she didn't like the concept, and she wasn't afraid to show it.
The evening started out OK. Ashley and Leah (who evidently have to match now whenever they go out in public) love shoes and were excited to watch Sarah get her first pair.

Then things went down hill . . . fast!  Leah's least favorite thing in the world (other than Bigfoot and carrots) is a crying baby.

"I'm so sorry about my cousin!! I don't understand. Shoes always make me feel so much better!!"

"Auntie Kelly, you really need to have a chat with her about proper shoe-shopping etiquette!"

Because of Sarah's fat little feet, these shoes didn't make the cut, but a cute pair of pink ones did.  I didn't get a shot of those because by then Leah was pretending she didn't know any of us and wanted out of there! We went to the playground. 

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