Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miss Mayhem and Bad Things

Sarah is not walking yet, but that doesn't slow her down!  Her daily goal is to crawl all the way into the laundry room and have a taste of the dog food. She's had success a couple of times!  So last night, when Barry and I got to babysit for K & T's date night, we were prepared. We knew what to watch out for.  Well, we thought we did.  Maybe if the parents had told us that she knew how to CLIMB we would have been even more prepared!!!

On another note, if you are on Facebook you've read Ashley's post about Leah and her problem with Bigfoot. I'll just share that here for those who haven't heard.

Leah has developed this huge fear of Bigfoot.  I guess she's read about it, or seen it on TV, or been camping one too many times with her older boy cousins.  Anyway . . . she's started having nightmares about Bigfoot.  So, Ashley had a talk with her the other night about thinking about only good things like Oma and Opa, gymnastics, school, Mac, etc.  Leah replied, "Ok, so I won't think about bad things like Bigfoot . . . . . . . .  and carrots."

That's what she said: carrots.


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