Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pony Parties Forever ! ! !

Leah had what will most likely be her last birthday party at the Tremaine house last weekend.  With Scott and Ashley moving into the new house the same weekend, having her party there was unthinkable.  Thankfully though, some of her new Kindergarten friends still made the trip to Gilbert to help her celebrate, and it gave Ashley the chance to get to know some moms from the new neighborhood. In the past, we've treated Leah to a giant bouncy house, and this year we did the same.  However, the giant Jurassic bouncy house was overshadowed by two beautiful, miniature ponies who moved into the neighborhood this year. The ponies belong to Lori and David and they were kind enough to glitter up Skye and War Eagle for the party and give the kids rides up and down the street.  Leah was surprised and thrilled and wants the ponies for every party from now on!

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  1. Great pics and wonderful memories were made :)