Tuesday, August 30, 2011

M is for Mom . . . M is for Messy

Ashley volunteers  in Leah's classroom a couple of times a month, and yesterday the teacher asked if she would bind a book the class had made for the letter "M".  Ashley flipped through the pages and saw plenty of monsters and monkeys, but when she got to Leah's page she saw a stick figure with no hair and the word "MOM" written below it. That's just sweet.

Ashley and Leah about 5 years ago.


The other mommy, Kelly, is having a heck of a time introducing cereal into Baby Sarah's diet.  Sarah's just not having it.  As you can see from this photo, what goes in immediately comes out!!

"Cereal is icky. May I please have some of the Muddie Buddies over there instead?"

She's not sure she likes the pool either!

"I'd almost rather be eating cereal . . .well, almost."

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