Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pinterintervention . . . PLEASE!!!

After being sucked into the mesmerizing world of Pinterest . . . I'm back!  Unfortunately, while lost in that maze of ideas and inspiration I forgot all else, so now I must wipe the drool off my chin, retrace my steps, and reconnect with reality.  I don't want to reconnect with reality--I have to.  Bummer!

Here's what we were up to last week . . . at least I think so . . .

1.   Finished up my Cameron and Abbie time.  Abbie and I did a few crafty things
      and made friendship bracelets.
2.  Ashley, Scott, and Leah spent the week in northern California and Oregon
      exploring beaches, visiting the giant redwoods, and chasing whales down the Klamath River
      (don't shoot me for spelling it wrong, Scott).
3.  Kelly went back to work, so I started my new job as Sarah's babysitter. Am I
      the luckiest person on the planet?  YES!

Here's what's happening this week:

1.  Leah starts Kindergarten, and I go into Leah withdrawals. I bought extra Kleenex just for the occasion.
2.  The entire family celebrates Mom-Mom's 75th birthday (wow)!
3.  I avoid Pinterest.  Maybe.
4.  I learn how to edit HTML.

On  . . . that river.

Cresent City California

You're not my mommy.  Where's my mommy?  I want my mommy!!!!

Happy Birthday, Fred!

Leah's first day of school.  Nervous, but never cried!  Way to go, sweetie!!!

The birthday girl.

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